August 3rd, 2012

'Big Live Production' And 'Actual DJ'ing' Are Two Different Things, Says Eric Prydz (Video)

‘Big Live Production’ And ‘Actual DJ’ing’ Are Two Different Things, Says Eric Prydz (Video)

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 8:35pm

By Akshay Bhansali

It’s one of the hottest topics in the electronic dance music world. As a result of EDM’s recent surge in popularity, what exactly it means to DJ has become a much-debated topic.

With deadmau5 confessing that DJs just “press play,” A-trak encouraging DJs to challenge themselves and our colleague Jacob at Dancing Astronauts issuing a heartfelt DJ “Call-Out,” we recently had a very frank conversation with an electronic music legend, who broke down his thoughts on the art of DJ’ing.

Our good friends at Surrender Nightclub in Las Vegas helped MTV News catch up with Eric Prydz, who just launched into the states in support of is new collection, Eric Prydz Presents Pryda. Here’s what the legend had to say!

“I think you need to look at what is ‘a DJ set’ and what is a ‘live show,’” Prydz told MTV News. “If you do a live show, everything needs to be synchronized and it’s very hard to go and do a big show where you have your fireworks and you have your visuals and you have your projection cubey stuff, to go up there and improvise. These big shows that you see today, it’s not about performing, as such. It’s more that you go up there and you show them what you have been performing in the studio, you know, ’cause that’s where a lot of these people shine.”

He continued, “It’s not that much about going onstage and doing something amazing, like juggling with ten balls at the same time. It is actually about just pressing play, I think. Obviously, you will have some control and you can change the music in real time, but it’s not like you’re standing there and playing all the instruments at the same time.”

Prydz believes that actual DJ’ing is very different from what goes on at the large-scale live productions many acts are putting on.

“DJ’ing is something totally different. For me, DJ’ing is turning up to a place not knowing what you are going to play at all. You read the crowd, you kind of say…’OK, I’m going to start with this track, so I think they’re gonna like that, and just take it from there,’ and try to build and build and build over a longer period of time,” Prydz told MTV News. “It’s not the festival thing, where you turn up and play a one hour set, but you have two, three, four, five, even six hours. You can build and atmosphere and just drive people crazy, you know? And that, there’re not that many DJs these days that can play in that certain way. I think DJs like Sasha and John Digweed were the pioneers of that and they’ve been a massive inspiration for me. Instead of playing track after track, you know, the big track, the big track, the big track, they use pieces of music as pieces of bricks to build something even bigger. It’s two different things: The kind of big live production thing and the actual DJ side of things.”

Adam Lambert Promises Trespassing Tour … Just Not Yet

Adam Lambert Promises Trespassing Tour … Just Not Yet

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 7:20pm

Adam Lambert‘s latest album Trespassing debuted at #1 back in May, and now, nearly three months later, the former “American Idol” contestant is reassuring his dedicated fans that he does plan to hit the road in support of the set … but not until “the time is right.”

The glam-pop star hit Twitter last night (August 2) to tell the nation of Glamberts that a Trespassing tour will indeed happen but that they might have to wait a while longer. “Have no fear, a Trespassing Tour WILL come. When the time is right,” Lambert tweeted. “Trust me Glamberts! I won’t let you down.”

Lambert’s second album Trespassing topped the charts with 77,000 copies sold in its opening frame. The singer’s 2009 debut, For Your Entertainment, entered the chart at #3 and has gone on to sell more than 1 million copies.

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Are you excited for a “Trespassing” tour? Disappointed that you might have to wait a while, Glamberts? Sound of in the comments below!

Ellie Goulding Releases Trailer For New Album, Halycon

Ellie Goulding Releases Trailer For New Album, Halycon

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 6:00pm

by Zachary Swickey

As British singer songwriter Ellie Goulding nears the October release date of her new album Halycon, she is slowly but surely giving us a taste of the upcoming effort. A newly revealed trailer for the album showcases the multitude of styles and influences we can expect to find on the album.

The video provides the first batch of new material from the singer since her 2010 debut Lights, which went number one in the UK upon its release and houses the smash title track, which is still sitting pretty at #5 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

The two-minute teaser previews clips of several songs from Halycon.

Check it out:

It’s anyone’s guess if Goulding’s collaborative track with Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia members made the cut. SHM member/collaborator Sebastian Ingrosso wasn’t so sure if the song would even end up on her album, saying, “I think it’s going to be for album, but in this business you don’t know until you see it on iTunes.”

We got out first very first taste of new material from Goulding early last month when she released a wicked cover of Active Child’s “Hangining On,” which features guest vocals from Brit rapper Tinie Tempah.

Goulding’s first official new single, “Anything Could Happen,” is expected to drop on September 30 before we get Halycon in its entirety on October 8.

Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham Covers Beyonce On a Ukulele

Aussie Olympian Matthew Mitcham Covers Beyonce On a Ukulele

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 5:00pm

When he’s not busy representing his country at the Summer Olympics in London, diver Matthew Mitcham chills out in the – apparently very warm – Olympic Village with his ukulele. He’s uploaded a video of himself crooning to his official YouTube channel, joining the U.S. swim team in its attempt to have a little viral fun with a Youtube cover of a pop hit. And what song is the 2008 gold medalist showcasing for all of his fans? Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” of course.

Mitcham says he uploaded the clip “because someone on twitter asked me to upload a video of me playing the ukulele.”

You can gripe that he didn’t opt for a more current song, but at least he didn’t toss his hat into the “Call Me Maybe” cover brigade. Also, it’s pretty perfect and undeniably adorable!

Check it out:

“I profess to be neither a great instrumentalist nor singer, I’m just an Olympic diver who likes to strum away in his spare time,” Mitcham wrote in the video’s description. “I think this is where I am supposed to credit Beyonce or something.”

What do you think of Matthew’s crooning? Do we have an Aussie Jason Mraz on our hands? Let us know in the comments below!

Lily Allen Changes Professional Name, Pushes Forward With New Album

Lily Allen Changes Professional Name, Pushes Forward With New Album

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 3:28pm

By Zachary Swickey

As big fans of British singer songwriter Lily Allen’s quirky music sensibilities, we’re anxiously awaiting the third album from the star. But alas, it appears that we will never have a new Lily Allen record … Because the pop star has now officially changed her name to Lily Rose Cooper.

Lily’s announcement is not a big surprise. The 27-year-old married her long-time boyfriend Sam Cooper last year and has been using her married name as her Twitter handle for some time. The couple welcomed their first child in November.

Cooper’s name change comes on the heels of news that she is reportedly pregnant with her second child. Luckily, it doesn’t seem her pregnancy is stopping her from making new music.

“It’s great to work at my own pace, with no commitments other than to make music,” Cooper said in a statement on Thursday (August 2). “I’m excited to be heading back into the studio.”

Allen famously semi-retired from the music scene in 2010 to focus on her family and clothing line, Lucy in Disguise. She never really walked away entirely, however: Allen wrote songs for the upcoming “Bridget Jones’ Diary” musical that will premiere in London’s iconic West End later this year.

The Coopers are reportedly expecting baby number two sometime around the holidays and hopefully we will have a new album from Lily to use as stocking stuffers as well.

Lady Gaga Unveils New Tattoo (Pic)

Lady Gaga Unveils New Tattoo (Pic)

Posted on 03 Aug 2012 at 2:03pm

Lady Gaga is touring the world on her “Born This Way Ball” tour, but she’s already thinking about what’s next. Hard at work on her hotly anticipated new album, Gaga tweeted a link to her social networking website with the caption “new ink new album.” At the link, fans were greeted by a pic of the glamorous singer’s new tattoo.

Situated on her right arm, the ink reads “ARTPOP” in simple black ink. Check it out:

Lady Gaga,

Given the message in her tweet, some are speculating that the tattoo may have something to do with the title of her new album. Gaga has not revealed the name of the set, though she has performed a new song on her “BTW Ball” that may appear on the album and has been talking up the new record during her concerts.

“Let’s just say I feel, I feel that when I wrote Born This Way, I demonstrated a sense of maturity. And I feel that, on the next album, there’s a lack of maturity, it’s a tremendous lack of maturity or sense of responsibility,” Gaga told concertgoers in Perth, Australia.

She also announced that she will unveil the album title in September. She’s had the name picked out for a while, as she revealed to MTV News in December. Watch:


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