B.o.B Says Iggy Azalea/ Azealia Banks Beef Not His ‘Business’

~By Quickjams on May 4, 2012

‘As an individual you have to understand what is your business and what isn’t,’ Bobby Ray says on ‘RapFix Live.’
By Rob Markman



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B.o.B is a nice guy, but don’t let his cool, calm demeanor fool you. “I’m a Scorpio; I can be your best friend or your worst enemy,” Bobby Ray said when he appeared on Wednesday’s “RapFix Live.” “And as of now I’ve been your best friend.”

Still, for the most part B.o.B steers clear of the extracurricular rap beefs, so don’t expect him to throw his two cents into the Iggy Azalea/ Azealia Banks dustup, even though he and Iggy are both prime players on T.I.’s Grand Hustle label. “I’m definitely always gonna ride for my team, always. There’s no doubt in my mind, but as an individual you have to understand what is your business and what isn’t your business,” he explained. “Now, if something spills over into my court, then I have to handle my business. But as of yet I really don’t attract that type of energy to myself.”

There was, however, a lyrical tiff with Tyler, the Creator in 2011. After taking offense at a line on Tyler’s breakout song “Yonkers,” B.o.B responded with “No Future,” but both MCs downplayed any notion of beef, writing the incident off as just competition.

Azalea versus Azealia, however, has become increasingly harder to ignore. The Harlem-bred Banks took exception after Iggy secured a spot on the coveted XXL Freshman cover by winning a fan vote. Banks had no problem lashing out at Iggy via Twitter, and when Tip defended his new prot

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