Beyonce’s Letter To First Lady Makes It Into Re-Election Campaign Video

~By Quickjams on July 16, 2012


By Elizabeth Lancaster @lizzydl

President Barack Obama’s latest re-election campaign video has been released, and it’s all about who runs the world—GIRLS.

In the clip, Beyoncé reads from a letter she wrote to the First Lady Michelle Obama. She first posted the letter on her Tumblr as a way to tell the first lady, and the world, how grateful she is for everything Mrs. Obama has done for this country and for women everywhere. This is definitely not the first time Beyoncé or Michelle Obama have expressed their mutual adoration for one another, but it is the first time their affections have made their way onto the campaign trial.

Beyoncé describes the first lady as “humble, loving and sincere” in the campaign video, reading aloud from her handwritten letter. Queen B’s daughter Blue Ivy even entered the conversation near the end of the video with Bey adding, “I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.”

The video ends with information on how to contribute to the Obama/Biden campaign, so while it may seem like a Beyonce/Michelle love fest, the clip is really an official part of the president’s re-election campaign.

What would you like to see Beyonce and Michelle do together next? Let us know in the comments below!

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