Exclusive ‘Battleship’: Taylor Kitsch Gets Flirty With Brooklyn Decker

~By Quickjams on April 18, 2012

In addition to alien-vs.-soldier action, the film has a softer side, as our exclusive clip shows.
By Eric Ditzian, with reporting by Amy Wilkinson


Taylor Kitsch in “Battleship”

Photo: Universal Pictures

“Fire all the weapons!” Liam Neeson yells in the first “Battleship” trailer, a command dutifully followed by a young naval officer in the film but one that failed to trigger the dude-I-gotta-see-this-movie jones of many moviegoers.

But we had a feeling a lot of folks were missing the point of both the popcorn flick’s whiz-bang alien-vs.-soldier brawling and the sun-dappled human-on-human seduction giving “Battleship” its warm, gooey center. The film is perfectly constructed to fill the “Transformers”-sized hole in the summer movie calendar. Audiences overseas are already responding, shelling out $58 million to check it out since the April 11 foreign release. Our turn comes on May 18.

Before then, and having seen the CGI-heavy theatrics in “Battleship” trailers, it’s time to take a look at the film’s softer side. That’s where MTV News’ Summer Movie Preview comes into play, delivering an exclusive clip featuring Taylor Kitsch and his bodacious birthday wish, Brooklyn Decker.

The scene in the clip comes early in the film, with Kitsch’s unemployed slacker, Alex Hopper, sharing a sad-sack birthday party in a dingy bar with his brother, Stone (Alexander Skarsg

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