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~By Quickjams on August 20, 2010
Joey Keys

Joey Keys

Quickjams caught up with one of 5line records recording artists, Joey Keys. We asked him a few questions about his life and career, to get a glimpse of what makes him such an iconic artist…

Q. What made you choose ‘Joey Keys’ as a recording name?

A. Well, I was given the name when I first started producing, I was known for my instrumentals heavily based around pianos. Anyway, I ran with it for a little while and soon enough more and more people found out about it to the point where I can’t get rid of it. It’s to the point where parents refer to me as Joey Keys, and friends forget my last name, hahaha.

Q. What gave you the inspiration to write music?

A. As a kid and even now, I always had a problem expressing myself, to the point where I needed a creative outlet. From there, I just took my life and used it as the tool to express myself through art. The way my brain works wouldn’t let me express myself normally, I attain the world around me in an absurd manner, so being an artist just kinda’ worked out.

Q. What kind of ideas or expressions do you try to convey with your work?

A. I approach songs differently every time. I like to rap about my life experiences or things I seen in other peoples lives. I am really all over the place, I can be dark, celebratory or inspirational. However, one thing I’d never do, is be cliché.

Q. Is there a central idea behind all of your work, or is it random?

A. I always want the listener to get something out of it. I always try to impact the listener with a idea or motif I really believe in. Try and make someone think, or just lead them away from reality for a little while to vibe. Generally there is not a large motif that each and every track shares but, I don’t quite think they’re random.

Q. Do you have any tracks you are proud of, that people should know about?

A. Of what I have released so far, I really love ‘Sky Touching’, ‘Stay Free’, and ‘Back to My Rootz.’ However, everything I am going to release on my mixtape I really enjoyed making and I am proud of.


Q. If there was one thing you could say to all your fans out there, what would it be?

A. I really appreciate all the love and support everyone gives me, without it, I am literally a nobody. So thank you all and keep chasing your dreams.


joey keys
joey keysjoey keys

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