Foo Fighters Reveal Scene In Rope

~By Quickjams on March 9, 2011

With the debut of the Foo Fighters’ “Rope” video just a day away — Thursday at 7:54 p.m. ET/PT, just in case you weren’t paying attention — the band have already given fans a sneak peek and let it be known that the overall feel of the clip is “claustrophobic,” drawing influence from the band’s cramped rehearsal space and the overall feel of their upcoming album, Wasting Light.

Foo Fighters

But those aren’t the only bits of information the band let slip: Director and Foo frontman Dave Grohl is willing to pull the curtain back on the “Rope” video’s key scene … one that only further illustrates that creeping, claustrophobic feel.

“We shot the video … in a big soundstage in Los Angeles. And we had to build this cube out of fabric and wood for the band to play within, and it’s lit from outside,” he explained. “And then, there’s a part in the video where it’s actually revealed that we’re inside this weird white cube. At first it just seems like we’re in this glowing white room from within, and then towards the end, the big reveal is we’re in this room, which is within a massive room.”

And though Grohl was quick to downplay his role as director on “Rope,” his bandmates were equally quick to sing his praises, not so much as a keen visionary, but as a guy who knows the importance of a good dressing room. And that’s pretty key, if you think about it.

“You know what was cool about that video? We all had our own dressing rooms,” drummer Taylor Hawkins laughed. “I was like, ‘I can get used to this!’ ”

“The next [video], I think it’s going to be, like, ‘The Foo Fighters’ Dressing Room’ and then ‘Taylor Hawkins’ Dressing Room,’ ” Grohl shot back. “I think that’s going to happen.”

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