From Lea Michele’s Bike To Lady Gaga’s New Friend: This Week In Instagrams

~By Quickjams on August 21, 2012

By Cory Midgarden

What caused this birthday cake to go from Karmin’s plate to all over their faces?

“This is a series of two pictures: The first one is of us about to eat the cake and then this is the aftermath,” Karmin’s Nick Noonan told MTV News. “You notice, somehow, my shirt became unbuttoned between two pictures; I don’t remember how that happened.”

Check out Karmin’s frosting-filled Instagram!

Although we don’t know the full story behind these next five Instagrams, they’re the MTV News team’s favorite of the week:

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“Glee” star Lea Michele — who recently opened her Instagram account, introduced us to her new bike via the photo-sharing site. The picture rolled its way right into the hearts of her more than 61,000 followers with 14,583 likes and 583 comments and counting.

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Also traveling on two wheels this week is Kendall Jenner. Who’s that riding tandem on the “Keeping up with the Kardashians” starlet’s bike? The kid sister of Kim, Khlo

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