It Takes Two…To Wreak Havoc Backstage At a J.Lo Concert

~By Quickjams on July 27, 2012

Jennifer Lopez

By Meredith Goldberg-Morse

Double the trouble, double the fun…and double the potential for injury while backstage at a concert venue?
It seems that Jennifer Lopez’s four-year-old twins have been behaving like, well, four-year-olds while mom tours with Enrique Iglesias, running around unsupervised backstage.

J.Lo, who celebrated her 43rd birthday earlier this week, “has absolutely no control over her children,” a source told Radar Online. When Lopez is onstage with boyfriend-slash-choreographer Casper Smart, Max and Emme “are left pretty much to their own devices without much supervision. That’s when all hell breaks loose and Max and Emme embark on a self-destructive path. They run around, kicking out wires, getting in the way of stagehands and are a real problem.”

Lopez and Smart have reportedly adopted a kids-will-be-kids attitude regarding the twins’ behavior, but “they have been breaking expensive equipment and making life difficult for everyone. It’s a miracle they haven’t been electrocuted yet because the lighting systems are very dangerous.”

“The twins are complete brats with zero discipline, and Jennifer isn’t behaving like a responsible parent,” the source explains.

Yikes. Hopefully Max and Emme, who Jennifer raises with ex-husband Marc Anthony, make it through the world tour safely. Maybe Enrique wouldn’t mind pocketing a little extra babysitting cash during his downtime?

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