Joe Jonas Explains Playing Hollywood Tour Guide In Instagram Photo

~By Quickjams on September 10, 2012

By Cory Midgarden

LOS ANGELES — The Jonas Brothers are men of many trades.

And with Kevin focusing on his new reality television show, “Married to Jonas” and Nick campaigning for a seat next to Mariah Carey on the “American Idol” judges panel, one might have seen a recent photo from Joe’s Instagram account and thought he too had a new gig in the works.

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Turns out the group’s middle child, is still concentrating on his priorities, i.e., new music and mentoring rising stars on “The Next,” but took a day out of his extremely busy schedule to try his hand at something completely different.

“I was actually a tour guide on a, like, star tour,” Joe told MTV News about the Instagram snapshot. “It was really funny because it was like, I was having way too much fun with that microphone and it kept cutting out so I was getting really frustrated but somehow we caught the Hollywood sign in the background, it’s like, a perfect photo.”

With all of the excitement during their ride through Hollywood, passengers of the double decker bus almost missed one of the biggest names on their star-studded tour. That is until their journey came to the end.

“Once we stopped, yes, because we had to like, literally say, hey, I’m Joe Jonas,” he explained. “I think that kind of freaked people out, but it was fun.

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