John Mayer Playboy Interview

~By Quickjams on February 12, 2010
John Mayer

John Mayer

Singer/songwriter John Mayer’s controversial interview with Playboy magazine has sparked a wide range of reactions from the musician’s fans, detractors, contemporaries and even the most impartial of readers.

Responses have illustrated an array of emotions and reactions ranging from disgust and disappointment to support and ambivalence. While many readers loathed Mayer’s racially charged assertions and detailed comments regarding his sexual exploits, some felt that the musician wasn’t acting out of the ordinary, and still others felt that he had a right to voice his opinion. Several readers utilized choice lyrics from “Waiting on the World to Change,” “My Stupid Mouth” and more to deride Mayer. Needless to say, feedback has been plentiful and strongly voiced, no matter the reader’s opinion.

Below are just some of the many reactions that readers have expressed in response to the Mayer controversy, lightly edited for grammar, over the past several days. Please note that these opinions are not reflective of Quickjams’ stance on the matter; this is simply a sampling of reader reactions to Mayer’s recent comments. To continue the conversation, please head to the comments section below.

“Stop ‘waiting on the world to change.’ What happened to that talented, humble guy? Now you are the monster that can belittle, hurt and shame with no thought for how your words can affect others. I’m waiting for you to change.” — Laurence

“Whew…John…you gotta work on the damage control there, seriously. I’m still a fan of your music though. And I keep hearing your song ‘My Stupid Mouth’ in my head.” — trouble520

John Mayer is a 32-year-old incredible guitar playing singer-songwriter. He is also ignorant and senseless. Every time John thinks he has something of relevance to share, he should just shut his mouth and pick up his guitar — that’s what he’s good at. I will never understand why celebrities think we are interested in [their] sexual exploits and their bad behavior. Grow up, John Boy!!” — sugarray

“Being mad every time someone uses the N-word is very ignorant, and this is why racism will never die. There are always two parts [of] every situation. In my opinion, in this situation, there is the negative and people that keep the negative alive, and that’s us African Americans, because we get so mad when the N-word is passed around, when we already do a great job without white people when we rap about it. What makes it so different when a white person [says] it than when we entertain our generation with it? Put that anger into teaching the next generation about our history and stop being ignorant. Stop rapping about *******, whores, money and cars and let something that is meaningful come out of your mouth.” — christina

“I don’t believe John Mayer is racist. I understood his intent with those comments. However, he — as he admitted in his bid to save himself from his mouth — tries too hard to be clever, provocative and witty. Usually the people and topics he talks about are too insignificant for anybody to care, but this time people cared and now the foot that usually is in his mouth choked him.” — micdus

“Dear John, your apology is accepted as far as I am [concerned] because you did no harm. You used it to make a point and my people use it haphazardly all the time and I don’t like it and we should get rid of this word. I mean we can’t even differentiate between dark-skin and light-skin blacks so we should be [ashamed] of ourselves when this word comes out of our mouths. The first thing you’ll hear for an excuse is it’s a way of expressing [affection] and such and that’s a whole lot of bull and we need to just stop it and not be such hypocrites when we [hear] someone of another race use it. I mean if [you're] going to mock yourself, then why get angry when others mock you?” — Rosetta Marie Archie

“I don’t think he should apologize. If this is really the way he feels, then there’s no reason for him to feel sorry about that. Fans want to know the real artist, not someone who is censored and can’t voice openly his/her opinion.” — takingthestagefan5

“He’s human. We all say and do things we regret. He apologized. What more can be asked of him? He isn’t this perfect god, he’s just a man that is very talented, therefore we’re trying to hold him to a higher standard. Yes, it was a stupid remark, but come on.” — SunCityGirl2

“As a black female, I don’t find what he said racist or offensive. John Mayer is an arrogant jackass. We’ve all known that for some time now. He’s an attention [whore] and this is what he’s getting. Whatever, end of it. But, boy, Playboy just handed him the shovel to dig the hole in deeper and deeper and deeper. Good job, interview!” — iiShannon

“I am obsessed with John Mayer, but I have to admit [I've] been hard pressed not to tear up every time I think about what he said. It was so hurtful, as a black woman who has bought every one of his albums, campaigned for him against those who thought he was nothing more than a playboy poptart, and was happily telling everyone she knew that she’s going to his concert for the first time. I feel like an idiot.” — candycorps

“John, please shut up. Let your music do your talking. Stick that guitar in that big mouth of yours and just shut up.” — yoo

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