Lady Gaga To Release Photo Book

~By Quickjams on July 29, 2011

‘Lady Gaga’ will feature more than 350 pictures by fashion photographer Terry Richardson.
By Gil Kaufman


Lady Gaga

Photo: Getty Images

Move over, Oprah. Lady Gaga is truly the new Queen of All Media. Mother Monster announced on Thursday that she will be releasing a hefty coffee-table book on November 22 featuring more than 350 pictures of her taken over the past year by controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

According to Publishers Weekly, “Lady Gaga” will feature never-before-scene images of the singer taken during a 10-month period in which Richardson followed Gaga on the road, in the studio and everywhere in between as he was given complete access to her everyday life. The pictures range from the Lollapalooza festival in August 2010 to the final shows of this year’s Monster Ball.

See photos of what Lady Gaga may be up to in her new book!

Gaga will write the foreword, and Jamie Raab, executive vice president and publisher of Grand Central Publishing, which is issuing the book, said in a statement, “We are proud to be publishing this remarkable collaboration between Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson and anticipate that it will be one of the most stunning, provocative and coveted books of the 2011 holiday season.”

A limited edition of the book will be released next year.

Some of the images Richardson has been taking of Gaga over the past year have already raised eyebrows. Richardson, who is known for his provocative, often explicit images, took some topless shots of the singer in February for a Supreme ad as well as the instant classic shots of Gaga draped in a bikini version of her infamous raw-meat dress for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan, which also featured shots of her male alter ego, Jo Calderone.

He also collaborated with Gaga for the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, in which he captured her on all fours in just fishnets, a nude bra and white boots on top of a mirror-covered piano.

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