Listen: Tina Fey Shows Off Bonkers Flow on New Childish Gambino Mixtape

~By Quickjams on July 5, 2012

Tina Fey

By Brandon Specktor

When he came out with Camp last November, “Community” comedian Donald Glover had a tricky time convincing some people that his Childish Gambino hip-hop project was more than a funny diversion. His newest mixtape, Royalty—appropriately released on a day where America celebrates freedom from snooty monarchs—keeps the debate going. On one hand, we’ve got legit Wu-Tang rhyme-spitters taking the mic. On the other, we’ve got Lemonem.

Yup, Glover’s fellow NBC all-star Tina Fey makes an awesomely bonkers cameo on the album’s closing track, “Real Estate.” It’s pretty random and ridic, but we’ve gotta say: Emcee Liz Lemon holds her own next to Glover and Alley Boy Swank. Fey skillfully and spitfully answers Gambino’s boasts of wealth with her own surly flow about “dropping racks at Nordstroms,” dropping the MF-bomb and holding off on the part “where most people would say something crazy and drop the N-word after it,” because she doesn’t feel comfortable with that.

The rest of Royalty plays out kind of like Glover’s tongue-in-cheek retort to Watch The Throne, and features a similarly eclectic backing cast – Danny Brown, Bun B, Beck and the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Ghostface Killa all stop by to wax on wealth and power. Now, we just need to get a collaboration with Abed into the mix and we’ve got spinoff gold.
Fey comes in late in the track.


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