Madonna Burns Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ Again: ‘I’m Glad That I Helped Gaga Write It’

~By Quickjams on July 24, 2012


By Meredith Goldberg-Morse

We’re beginning to think Madonna may have a bit of a problem with Lady Gaga.

The Queen of Pop, who is clearly no stranger to controversy, first commented on similarities between Gaga’s anthem “Born This Way” and her own 1989 single “Express Yourself” earlier this year, famously calling “Born This Way” “reductive” during an interview with ABC News. She now performs a mash-up of the two songs on her current world tour, ending the medley with the chorus to her song “She’s Not Me,” about an inferior woman trying to steal her style. Hey, no one ever accused her of being subtle.

In case we didn’t already get the message, Madonna recently joked in an interview with a Brazilian TV show, “I’m a really big fan of [‘Born This Way’]. I’m glad that I helped Gaga write it.”

Lady Gaga, however, isn’t laughing. Though she has yet to respond to this latest dig, she addressed Madonna’s initial criticism at a June performance, explaining, “It sometimes makes people feel better about themselves to put other people down or make fun of them or maybe make a mockery of their work, and that doesn’t make me feel good at all. That just makes me feel like I’m not being a good human being.”

Come on, ladies—this isn’t a monarchy. Can’t the world of pop music have more than one ruler?

Listen to both songs after the jump and decide for yourself!

Madonna, “Express Yourself”:

Lady Gaga, Born This Way”:

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