Miley Cyrus Debuts New Platinum Hair

~By Quickjams on August 6, 2012

Miley Cyrus, Twitter

By Elizabeth Lancaster (@lizzydl)

Miley Cyrus took to Twitter yesterday to debut a series of selfies, showing the world JUST how blonde a brunette can be.

When she ditched her naturally brown mop in July, she explained, “Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo.” Which begs the question what photo face this new platinum look will require? With little to no inhibitions about herself or her lifestyle choices, she always does what she originally promised the world she would do – she’s just being Miley.

Check out her new look:

Miley Cyrus, Twitter

Some may think this new look is in preparation for her impending marriage to one of Hollywood’s most attractive men, Liam Hemsworth, but fear not – the 19-year-old singer told Marie Claire that she plans on having a long engagement.

“Life is too short not to be with the person you want to be with. I don’t really care about the wedding or the piece of paper as much as I do the promise we’ve made to each other. And we want to have a long engagement.” Amen!

We cannot wait to see what new hair styles and funky fashions Ms. Cyrus pulls out in the lead up to her wedding to Hemsworth. Blessedly, it seems like we will have lots of time.

What do you think of Miley’s platinum hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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