Nick Jonas Exclusive Tour Update

~By Quickjams on January 11, 2010

Nick Jonas is about a week into his solo tour with his side project, the Administration, and the 17-year-old admits that with each show he’s learning more about himself and the songs on his February release, Who I Am. While last week, Nick forgave Demi Lovato for missing his show due to illness, this week he’s just excited that the tour is going so smoothly.

“It’s just interesting to see it evolve,” he told reporters backstage at the Beacon Theatre in New York on Friday night, where he was checking in to give us an exclusive update about his solo jaunt on the road. He added that his first night at the Beacon on Thursday went so smoothly, it may have been one of the highlights of the tour so far.

“[Thursday] night’s performance at the Beacon was an amazing moment,” he explained. “I was telling people after the show, you can really feel the legends in this place when you’re on that stage. I played a new song that I wrote, ‘Stay,’ that the audience responded well to. It’s just been amazing so far, but [Thursday] night was excellent.”

With his brothers left behind and busy doing their own thing, Nick said that fans’ usual overzealous nature seems to have quieted a bit — no out-of-control encounters thus far. “It’s not so much that kind of thing where they’re doing crazy stuff,” he said. “I think it’s more about them listening to the music and really getting a feel for what I’m talking about in the songs, which is nice to see.”

Nick has also received tons of support from friends and family who have come to check out his first solo tour. “No one that I was surprised to see came out to see me. I’ve got a couple friends in different places … Texas and here in New York. I’ve got a lot of friends and family. It’s just good to know there are people who are supporting me in this dream of mine and taking time out of their evening to come see this show.”

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