No Doubt’s ‘Settle Down’ Video: The Key Scene

~By Quickjams on July 17, 2012

“Settle Down,” No Doubt fans! Yes, we know you’re stoked about the just released new music video for the band’s lead single off Push and Shove. We know you’re stoked about it because, well, we are too.

The clip, directed by longtime No Doubt collaborator Sophie Muller, is colorful and visually as bombastic as the song is sonically. It perfectly complements Diplo’s swaggerfied track, which pays homage to the band’s work on Rock Steady. In a sea of quirky images, there’s one moment in the clip that stands as the video’s key scene thanks to the heart at the core of it.

What fans will love seeing most is the moment when all four No Doubt members step out of their trucks and share in an embrace (00:42). It all happens as the Bollywood-inspired intro of the song transitions from strings to thumping drums, courtesy of the band’s beatmaster Adrian Young. What’s interesting to note is that not only is the foursome joyous to share in that momentous hug, but they are all sporting bleached out locks. Band solidarity!

It’s clear that after a long hiatus, this long-teased reunion album is full of the energy that catapulted the band to A-list rock star status. And that hug really says it all. They are as happy to be together as we are for them to be together again. They are reunited and it feels so good. And you know what? We have no plans to settle down our excitement anytime soon.

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