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‘Tindafella’ Explains Why He’s Spoofing Girls’ Weird Tinder Pics

‘Tindafella’ Explains Why He’s Spoofing Girls’ Weird Tinder Pics

Posted on 09 Sep 2014 at 3:08pm

Jarrod Allen tells us what it’s like to be a viral internet superstar, how girls react to his parodies, and whether it’s gotten him any Tinder matches.

You’ve Gotta Crow Over This First Pic Of Allison Williams As Peter Pan

You’ve Gotta Crow Over This First Pic Of Allison Williams As Peter Pan

Posted on 03 Sep 2014 at 1:32pm

The Today show debuted a first look at Allison Williams in her role as Peter Pan.

Watch Fifth Harmony Give Hollywood Harmonizers The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Watch Fifth Harmony Give Hollywood Harmonizers The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Posted on 24 Aug 2014 at 5:48am

VMA Pre-Show performers Fifth Harmony surprised a YouTuber meetup for fans of Rebecca Black, Ricky Dillon, jennxpenn, and Andre Russett with the VMA surprise of the century! So bo$$. See what other surprises they’ll have on Sunday, August 24, at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT!

Austin Mahone Goes Country? Here’s What Happened At His Tour Kick-Off

Austin Mahone Goes Country? Here’s What Happened At His Tour Kick-Off

Posted on 26 Jul 2014 at 5:47am

Austin Mahone kicked off his tour in San Antonio with the Vamps, Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes. Read the review!

Victoria Beckham Stokes Rumors Of Spice Girls Olympic Performance With Sparkly Mic Pic

Victoria Beckham Stokes Rumors Of Spice Girls Olympic Performance With Sparkly Mic Pic

Posted on 02 Aug 2012 at 4:04pm

The Spice Girls have yet to officially confirm that they will be performing at the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London, though the fact that they are allegedly set to perform two songs is just about the worst kept secret in music.

There have been sly hints and insider chit-chat, but none of the gals has stepped up to say it is 100 percent happening. So far the closest thing we’ve gotten to a confirmation has come from Victoria Beckham, who was asked about a possible reunion with her old bandmates by a British radio station in mid-July and said, “I don’t know about a comeback tour, but I loved being back with the girls…we are very excited about the Olympics.”

Today (August 2), the most coy of the Spice Girls tweeted yet another tease to stoke anticipation.

It comes in the form of a picture of a microphone encrusted with rhinestones and glitter. (Perfect, right?) Beckman tweeted the image earlier today along with the caption, “Look what I found!! X vb.”

Check it out:

Victoria Beckham, Twitter

Posh sure knows how to stir excitement in Spice World!

Beckham revealed the pic at nearly the same time as Sunday Mirror entertainment columnist Dean Piper tweeted, “So the Spice Girls are all together rehearsing for the Olympics RIGHT NOW in London. #itsonb*tches.”

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Lady Gaga's Caught Up In A Twitter Lovefest With US Olympic Gymnast

Lady Gaga’s Caught Up In A Twitter Lovefest With US Olympic Gymnast

Posted on 01 Aug 2012 at 3:07pm

Lady Gaga has been on a brief break from her “Born This Way Ball,” having concluded the Australian leg of the tour on July 8 in Perth before storming Europe beginning August 14 in Sofia, Bulgaria. So what’s she been up to? Well, we know she filmed a small part in director Robert Rodriguez’s “Machete Kills,” but lately it seems she’s been busying herself the way many of us have – by watching the Olympics.

Yesterday, she revealed on Twitter that the Games are making her emotional, saying, “The Olympics is the best ever. But I went through a whole pack of tissues last night. Watching hard working athletes achieve their dreams.”

She seems to have a particular affinity for women’s gymnastics, cheering on Team USA with some encouraging words: “Those girls are tearing the floor up for the USA! #Olympics.” She continued, “Woohoo! Gold for the ladies! Just want to squeeze them! So much talent and beauty. Did u seem all holding hands? There’s no ‘I’ in team.”

One of the members of the home team, 16-year-old McKayla Maroney, caught wind of Gaga’s support and fangirl-ed out a little bit, responding to Mother Monster, “Thanks for watching @ladygaga!! <3 This team loves you & your music!! I also heard you were a gymnast??"

The pop diva seemed as excited by the back-and-forth as the teenage athlete.

“@mckaylamaroney tweeted at me! Why didn’t anybody tell me!!! DEAD. You were brilliant give all the girls a kiss for me,” Gaga tweeted this morning (August 1), continuing, “And no I did gymnastics for like a weeks and then dropped out for ballet!”

For her part, the talented Maroney thinks Gaga still has a shot. “Aww I will<3 Oh very cool!! Your so amazing I bet you still have a shot at gymnastics! 2016 maybe," she responded.

And so our two favorite national pastimes – celebrities and sports – collided spectacularly, and in the spirit of the Olympic games it was nothing but love!

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'Boys' Spoof 'Girls' In Hilarious Viral Video Parody Trailer

‘Boys’ Spoof ‘Girls’ In Hilarious Viral Video Parody Trailer

Posted on 31 Jul 2012 at 7:20pm

By Zachary Swickey

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and Judd Apatow is feeling the love, tweeting his seal of approval for a new parody video spoofing HBO’s hit comedy “Girls,” which he produces.

“Boys” is a new fake trailer lampooning the Emmy-nominated series that stars Lena Dunham (who is also show creator) and focuses on a group of twenty-something friends as they make their way through life in the Big Apple. The hilarious clip does a fantastic job of satirizing the show’s sex talk and instances of co-dependency.

Playing off the allegations of nepotism the show has weathered, “Boys” even touts such big name second generation stars as the (faux!) sons of Pat Benatar and Daniel Craig – yes, Craig Craig.

Check it out:

The actual source of their inspiration, “Girls,” has been a hit for HBO. Dunham created the show following the success of her indie hit “Tiny Furniture,” which was a semi-autobiographical film about her moving back into her parents’ loft following college. Dunham directed “Furniture” at the spry age of 24 on a budget of only $50,000.

Apatow was a fan of the flick and now look at Dunham – she’s got a cozy half-million dollar pad in NYC’s Brooklyn Heights.

Check out the “Girls of ‘Girls’” below!

What do you think of “Boys”? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Ways to Celebrate the Spice Girls' Olympic Reunion Show

5 Ways to Celebrate the Spice Girls’ Olympic Reunion Show

Posted on 21 Jul 2012 at 12:00pm

If recent leaked documents are to be believed, the music and entertainment offerings at this year’s Olympic ceremony in England are going to be demi godly; The Who, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Fatboy Slim, Kaiser Chiefs, Jessie J, the remaining members of Queen, and Russell Brand are all mentioned as likely performers.

But despite some early back and forth, it’s looking like one gig you can count on will be, of all things, a Spice Girls reunion.

There’s been on-again-off-again speculation about this reunion for a few months now, but Victoria “Posh” Beckham seemed to confirm over the radio today that, yup, the Spice Girls will play two songs to close out the games. Asked about a possible reunion, she said, “I don’t know about a comeback tour, but I loved being back with the girls…we are very excited about the Olympics.”

So get those “Wannabe” lyric sheets out and get practicin’ on re-masterin’ the best tongue-twister of 1996!

We’re pretty stoked to see Sporty, Scary, Ginger, Posh and Baby share the stage again. Their last gig together was in 2008, and since then the pop music landscape has only got more diva-centric. How will they adjust to the current musical climate? Can we expect a dubstep remix of “Wannabe”? (Oh God—it already exists!)

Only time will tell what the Spice reunion brings. But we’ll definitely be celebrating—and you know, we feel like the Olympic organizers should also do something to honor this unprecedented union of the greatest athletes in the world and one of the most legendary girl groups of all time. We’d like to submit the following five Spice Girl-themed Olympic Celebrations for the committee’s consideration:

1. Give every athlete Spice Girl nicknames. “Sporty” is already taken, so we’re gonna need some creativity here. Let’s see…Michael Phelps can be “Super Saiyan Spice.” Usain Bolt is “Showoff Spice.” And Serena Williams can be “Truly, Truly Scary Spice.” There’s three free ones. Y’all Olympic guys can fill in the rest.

2. Add “The Girl Power Cup: a third-wave feminism triathlon.” In this new long-form, three-part race, Olympians will compete to bring balance to gender politics. The first contestant to end exploitative reality television programming, equalize men and women’s pay in the workplace, and be elected president of a Western nation wins. Girls only.

3. Add the “2 Become 1″-legged race. Teams of two will stand back-to-back while a moderator binds their ankles, legs, waists and chests together with official “Spice Wire,” then compete in a grueling 100-meter hop. This is essentially a more important Sleeping Bag Race, or a way, way less awful and terrifying Human Centipede.

4. Add the “If You Wannabe a Champion” Singing Marathon. Each participating nation will elect one champion to recite the opening “I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really, really want” tongue-twister unabated throughout the entirety of their Olympic itinerary (competitors in aquatic events may use snorkels or tap the lyrics on the poolside ledge in Morse Code, if preferable.) The last contestant to give up singing or pass out wins!

5. Make Athletes Wear Union Jack Mini-Dresses. All this controversy over Ralph Lauren’s outsourced American uniforms could be easily swept away if we simply asked competitors to Spice Up Their National Pride. In the spirit of Geri “Ginger” Halliwell and the glorious British Empire, let’s change the official Olympic apparel to glittery Union Jack mini-dresses. The clingy, aired-out material will probably be a blessing for male athletes, and—think about it—it’s basically the closest we can get to togas. Just as our ancestors wanted.

Adam Lambert To Appear On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Adam Lambert To Appear On ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Posted on 19 Jul 2012 at 7:17pm

By Bryant Gilmore

Sorry, “Pretty Little Liars” fans, you may have to wait a little bit longer to find out who this new “A” is, but we’ve got some big news about another mysterious figure who is set to appear on the addictive hit teen thriller.

Adam Lambert will be stopping by Rosewood, hopefully to give our four favorite ladies a much-needed break from the new, more bad-ass A, who has kept the girls on their pretty little toes from week to week. The episode starts taping next week and will air in October around Halloween. He will even perform two songs and share a scene with Lucy Hale, according to Ryan Seacrest, who revealed the news earlier today (July 19) on his radio show.

With Lambert’s flamboyant flair on set, what kind of Halloween costumes do you think that the girls will rock this year?

This is shaping up to be the year of Glambert. His second album, Trespassing, debuted at the top of Billboard charts in May, making him the first openly gay artist to do so, and he recently got to step into Freddie Mercury’s shoes and perform with the legendary band Queen in London. Lambert’s achievements continue the tradition of “American Idol” contestants that have gone on to have great success despite not winning, a list that includes Clay Aiken, Oscar and Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson and “Smash” starlet Katharine McPhee.

Coincidentally, the rumor mill has been rampant with talk that Lambert may be taking over one of the “Idol” judge’s chairs now that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have exited, which would make him the first “Idol” contestant to return to the show as a judge.