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5linerecords Label

5linerecords Label

Posted on 02 Aug 2010 at 3:09pm

For all you unsigned aspiring artists out there we have a bone for you. Check out – They can help you get signed, noticed and motivated about your work. No matter what your interest in music is, these guys can help. We talked to the owner of 5linerecords and asked him why 5line is such an important place and how someone like you can get involved with the action…

Q. Why sign almost anyone to a label?

A.  Because everyone deserves a chance. See most labels out there just go with whoever is the most   popular and can make them the most money. We don’t operate like this, we are a family and stick together. All music is music, regardless of how good or how bad some think.

Q. Why should an aspiring artist choose 5linerecords to sign with?

A. We give every artist equal opportunity with no criticism. They do not have to worry about being forced to change or do something they’re not comfortable with just to serve an “image”. We offer services just the same as other labels do and we work with the artist every day to meet their goals in a friendly and helpful way.

Q. What kind of ideas or expressions do you tell aspiring artists to convey with their music?

A. Go with what makes you happy. Use any emotion you have felt or are feeling and then capture that emotion and express it to the fullest. If your goal is to cover trance music and you want ambience, simply take a really uplifting moment of your life to cover the trance portions and then a very down to earth or settling moment to cover your ambient section. Work on these and start creating melodies and gathering inspiration from our other artists or songs.

Q. Who are some artists on 5linerecords that people should know about?

A. ShootingStar, Gravey, Joey Keys, Aeris. These are the titans of the label and the ones who have been with us since day one never backing down, never giving up, always moving forward to help us with our goals and aspirations. These guys are very gifted, as are all our artists, and have really pushed the limits doing whatever they can to help.

Q. I am a music enthusiast, how can I get involved with 5line?

A. Well 5Line is a network, not only a music label, where we are working towards a common goal to spread our expertise, offer help, and so much more. All you have to do ask and we would love to involve almost anyone in our network.

Q. What’s the deal with 24/7 radio, can I make requests from specific artists?

A. The live radio was set in place for mainly 5Line artists songs only, now with the growing requests anyone can upload their own songs directly to our auto-dj center and have their songs played live in a loop with hundreds of other songs. You can get shout outs to friends, Request songs, Live Chat, and a lot more. Just the best way to bring everyone together.

Q. If there was one thing you could say to all the music lovers out there, what would it be?

A. Never give up your dream. Everyone can make it. Whether you make ten dollars or millions, do it for the love not the fame or money. Don’t forget who helped you or where you came from. Become heard.

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