Travis Porter Feel The Pressure Of Releasing Debut Album

~By Quickjams on May 11, 2012

‘I think it’s good just to get the first debut album out the way and you can progress to your next album,” Quez tells ‘RapFix Live.’
By Rob Markman, with reporting by Sway Calloway


Photo: Natasha Chandel/ MTV News

Travis Porter has a busy summer ahead of them. With their debut album, From Day 1, set to drop on May 29, the Atlanta trio are also hitting the road on tour and getting ready to release a new film. Quez, Strap and Ali first started to make noise in 2008, and after waiting four years to drop their first LP, the group is pretty anxious to put their plans in motion.

“I think it’s good just to get the first debut album out the way and you can progress to your next album,” Quez said when the group appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday.

“It’s a nervous feelin’,” Ali said of the days leading up to their release.

One of the pressures of releasing a major-label album is having to meet certain sales figures, particularly during the first week of an album’s release. “It’s a lot of pressure working on your first album, leading up to the release,” Strap said. “But we had so much fun putting the work into this album, being so creative, I feel like we won’t have nothin’ to worry about.”

All things considered, though, the group is just thrilled to be able to see their hard work begin to pay off in a major way. After the album drops, they’ll hit the road on the No Sleep Till Atlanta Tour — a nod to their admiration for the Beastie Boys, who in 1986 released the classic track “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.” Travis Porter is also looking to release an unnamed film on June 29.

The movie finds Travis Porter on the road living the rapper life. That is until they run into a bit of trouble. “The bus breaks down in some crazy town called Red Rock. And it’s run by these drug lords and they try to kill us off before we get out of their town because they think we gonna tell what’s goin on in the town,” Ali explained of the story’s plot. “So we gotta fight our way out of the town.”

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